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Select an amount between $10 and $100 (in $10 increments).   Upon purchase, your eGift will be emailed to you immediately!

REDEEM ONLINE ONLY:  MIP eGifts have no cash value, and cannot be used in person.  They can only be used for online purchase of current items in MIP online catalog at time of redemption.  eGifts can only be used in MIP main store shopping cart and are not applicable off our site or to cafepress.com/miponline shopping cart.  eGifts cannot be combined with other offers.  eGifts cannnot be applied to prior purchases or outstanding invoices.

LIMITED LIFE: Please distribute and use your eGift promptly. Certificates should be used within six months.  Please inform your recipient that they will expire and will have no value after printed expiration date.

NO REFUNDS: Unfortunately, MIP is not able return or refund eGifts. eGifts are just like cash.  Be careful and keep track of yor eGifts, as MIP is not responsible for lost or stolen eGifts.