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MIP Pro8 e-Buggy Upgrade Kits



MIP’s Pro8 Upgrade Kit transforms your 1/10th Scale 4x4 Short Course Truck into a competitive and agile 1/8th Scale Super Lite e-Buggy that meets racing specifications for width - EXCEPT when compared to the average 1/8th scale vehicle you can save upwards of 2 pounds in weight! That’s like removing 162 of the seven gram square lead weights (commonly used in RC) off of the average 1/8th scale!

The weight decrease makes this e-Buggy much more agile vs. its heavier competitor as well as puts less wear and tear on the race track, and increases turn marshal safety. 


"We are all excited for the release of this cool Super light 1/8 scale upgrade kit for the TLR/LOSI SCTE 2.0! Heres a group shot of all the parts that will be coming in the kit. Part # 13300.  This is an upgrade for the TLR 2.0 there is also a kit for the Pro4mance package owners. This kit doesn’t come with the pistons and springs because they have it from their previous kit this will be part # 13350 (not pictured) … And the center drive shafts from MIP will work with All versions of the Losi/TLR 1.0/2.0 and of course the MIP Pro4mance. And steering links are compatible as well. The losi 2.0 gas bodies work well from JC as well as the 2.0 Losi Electric bodies from JC or Proline."  RC Driver.

Pick Your SCTe Chassis: 

TLR 2.0?

#13300 MIP Pro8 e-Buggy Upgrade Kit for TLR Ten-SCTe 2.0:

MSRP: $168                                      UPC#  691545133003


MIP Pro4mance?

#13350 MIP Pro8 e-Buggy Upgrade Kit for MIP Pro4mance:

MSRP: $130                                      UPC# 691545133508


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Race Proven: 


TQ/Winner/Fastest Lap 1:8 4WD e-Buggy North East Indoor Champs (NEIC)

TQ/3rd/Fastest Lap 1:8 Canadian Offroad Nationals in Ottawa

TQ 1:8 Top Gun Shootout


Several Local Podiums, and more...




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MIP Pro8 Motor Battery Servo Servo Servo Speed Control Center Drive Center Drive Spur Gear

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