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MIP Pro4mance Chassis & Tuning Package for Losi Ten-SCTE

#12200 MIP Pro4mance Chassis & Tuning Kit:

MSRP: $275.00                                      UPC# 691545122007











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MIP Pro4 ESC Battery Servo Servo Speed Control


  RC SHORT COURSE (FALL 2012) "Lean Mean Racing Machine - MIP Pro4mance Kit!"


 BIG SQUID GIves it TENTACLES!  Hall of Fame!  

"Jumping...the MIP upgrades make it even easier and more controlled..."

"Turning...MIP set-up is clearly superior."

"Bashing...a pleasure in the air...Bash-A-Bility – 10/10 -Absolutely nothing broke."

"Big Squid Rating – 8.8/10 - Tentacles.. Yes, the MIP Pro4mance pack makes the Losi SCTE “factory works bike” good. If you want the best handling truck at the track, this is it."

Read Big Squids Full Review! at http://www.bigsquidrc.com/mip-pro4mance-losi-ten-scte-chassis-review/



MIP talks about Pro-4-Mance Pack for Ten-SCTE from RC Insider on Vimeo.

MIP Tech Support Matt Olson on the Radio Control Show, Episode #169 00:25-02:15 





Winner TLR Electric Buffet at Vegas Raceway - Nevada

Pro 4 Expert Class - 1st/TQ - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)


Winner JConcepts Nationals Series Final - Florida

Pro 4 Expert Class SERIES CHAMPION! 1st/TQ MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)

2nd - Max Flurer

3rd - Felix Law


 Winner Short Course Showdown - Texas

Pro 4 Open Expert Class : 1st - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance) 

2nd - TLR/LOSI Frank Root (SCTe)



Winner JConcepts Clash at Flowood - Mississippi

Pro 4 Expert Class : 1st - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)



Winner JConcepts Fall Indoor National - Massachusettes

Pro 4 Open Expert Class : 1st - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)

2nd - AE/MIP/Steven Hartson (SC10)


Winner JConcepts Summer Indoor National at Outback - California

Pro 4 Open Expert Class : 1st/TQ - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)

2nd - AE/MIP/Steven Hartson (SC10)

3rd - Jason "MO" Moberly




Winner Proline Surf City Classic at OCRC - California

Pro 4 Open Expert Class : 1st/TQ - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)

2nd - TLR/LOSI/Ryan Dunford (SCTe)


Winner JBRL Round 5 at CCR - California

Pro 4 : 1st - MIP/Matt Olson, Qualified 2nd Under TQ by .8 sec! (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)

 2nd - Chris Blais (LOSI-SCte)

3rd - TLR/Ryan Dunford (LOSI-SCTe)



Winner Top Gun Shootout at SDRC - California

Pro Class Short Course : 1st/TQ - MIP/Matt Olson (SCTe + MIP Pro4mance)

 2nd - AE/Legacy MIP/Brian Kinwald (SC10)

3rd - Patrick See 



Top Gun Shootout SDRC 2012: Pro Class SC

MIP/Matt Olson: TQ, First Place A-Main#1, First Place A-Main#2

MIP/Eustace Moore: Third Place A-Main#3



For more information on this race visit: http://www.rcdriver.com/rcd/index.php/victory-for-the-mip-pro4mance-chassis-tuning-paks







mip-part-12200-compare-stock-sidexside.jpgmip-part-12200p-topcowling-horiz.jpgmip-part-12200p-675x300.jpgmip-part-12200p-side.jpgmip-part-12200p-anglecowling-se.jpg mip-part-12200-bags.jpgmip-part-12200-bag.jpg







RC CAR ACTION MAGAZINE (NOV 2012) "Killer Upgrade - MIP Pro4mance Conversion"

     "MIP did its homework with the Pro4mance kit and it shows on the track when and where it matters. Say “bye bye” to chopped-up receiver boxes and rotary-tool lightening techniques. Some people will balk at the conversion’s price, which hovers just under $200 at most shops, but those guys are most likely not racers. The Pro4mance kit is a collection of parts that is truly made by racers for racers, and I can’t think of a reason that a basher would want to drop this type of coin anyway. When it comes to improving an existing product, Eustace Moore and the team at MIP know what they’re doing. For further evidence, seek out an experienced racer who drives an MIP-converted Losi SCTE and see the results for yourself."—Stephen Bess, Executive Editor, RC Car Action Magazine

READ MORE in the two page spread in November 2012 issue of RC Car Action




"What, you don’t know what HOF is? It stands for Hall Of Fame. Yes, the MIP Bypass1 Realshock pistons and re-worked shock geometry are THAT good. ...The MIP equipped suspension on the SCTE is HOF, the rest of the rc companies have some catching up to do."



"The truck worked great!!! you really noticed the weight lost and it controls even better in the air... One of the guys from RC Car Action Magazine drove it and liked for being out of the box... we lapped the field...Overall the kit is great, the truck handled and flew awesome and I like the way you can get to everything easily and fast. "

The Doc

RCShortCourse.com Forum  



"This turned out to be a very fast easy build because MIP put a how to time lapse video on their website... I'm very happy with the purchase."

David Harris

SoCal-RC.com Forum




"The truck is DIALED. Turned on a dime..The kit is the real deal, completely changes the scte from what you know it as now. It stills feels planted but its almost a half a pound lighter."


RCTech.net, Forum




"I got to put my truck on the track today It felt totally different almost like a new truck!"


RCTech.net, Forum




"Went together great! Looks awesome too!"


RCTech.net, Forum



"The chassis layout looks great."

Horizon Hobby's Gary Katzer, view more "MIP Pro4mance Chassis & Tuning Build"



"It is almost too pretty to run."

"The MIP conversion is just flat out amazing... I turned the fastest laps I have ever run."

"I still can't believe what an improvement the MIP Pro4mance kit made to my stock Losi. I had the BCE and King Headz chassis and other mods but they didn't compare to the MIP kit. And for sligthly more than a BCE/KH chassis you get CF towers, RealShock 2-stage pistons, three sets of front springs, 7075 chassis, chassis braces, new servo mount (much stronger), lower battery (COG), improved weight distribution, better drive train angle and Lunsford Ti steering camber links. I thought I my Durango was dialed, but the MIP Losi felt as good with only one day of tuning/practice on it."


RCShortCourse.com, Forum


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