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 MIP Team Drivers take down eight classes at this years JBRL round #6 at Pegasus hobbies! Five of those eight classes were won by mod and puck systems! And of course all drivers were using MIP's 100% Made in the US tools. 

Big shout out to Brian Mcduffie, Rudy Rico, and Cody Turner for representing MIP's New Mod puck systems on their modified 2wd vehicles. The Mod puck systems offer a drivetrain system that stays fresher for longer at much less cost to the consumer. Also with the binding characteristics of the Mod puck systems it makes the car much smoother going around corners and also a smoother transition when getting on power. Many MIP drivers are getting 20-30 packs out of a set of mod pucks and by simply replacing the orange puck the drivetrain is fresh once again at a fraction of the cost of replacing bones and diffs simultaneously.


MIP Stickeez™ (8), 1/8th & 1/10th #5115 5115





MIP Pro8™ e-Buggy Upgrade Kit, TLR-SCTE 2.0 #13300 MIP Pro8™ e-Buggy Upgrade Kit, TLR-SCTE 2.0 #13300
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