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MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Durango 2wd and 4wd Buggy #12146

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 Change Your Piston, Change Your Ride!



It’s long been known that suspension is critical for a vehicle’s handling on a track, but the internals of these shocks are often accepted blindly and stuck in old technology. Based on Full-Scale Valve Technology, this innovative MIP Bypass1™ Kit was designed and developed by the MIP engineering team. The kit will elevate your suspension efficiency to a level that can be felt on the track and more importantly result in lower lap times. Instead of having the oil in your shocks react the same way in both compression and rebound, you can now tune those characteristics with MIP's Piston in conjunction with MIP's Valves to produce favorable characteristics on the track. Keep in mind that since any piston is an object moving through a liquid, hydrodynamics cannot be ignored. So if you are stuck in the ‘ol 2-hole, 3-hole, 1.6mm, yada yada days of standard pistons, now might be the time to evolve your ride with MIP Bypass1™ piston technology.

Specifically designed for each vehicle, tuning will reveal that there are infinite combinations and possibilities that the MIP Bypass1™ Kit provides. Typical to MIP products, quality is top notch and manufactured right here in the USA!  Only bearing grade plastics are used for the pistons that were subjected to an exhausting series of dyno testing and on-track results. In fact MIP Team Drivers have numerous wins at major events across the country, including 20+ First Place Short Course Truck Wins. MIP Bypass1™ Pistons are specifically tailored to handle a spectrum of race conditions. RealShocks.com. MIPonline.com. Patents-pending USA and abroad.


RC Racer Enthusiasts looking to go to the next level.


The MIP Bypass1™ Kit is for the RC racer who needs the competitive advantage of precision handling and control.


VISIT www.RealShocks.com for dyno-tested specs, team setup sheets and more!



Full Scale Valve Technology engineered for RC Race Cars!

MIP's patent-pending Bypass1™ technology meters oil around shock piston to control rebound dampening. Variable valve settings help eliminate packing (hydraulic lock) common with stock pistons.

Precision machined pistons made from bearing grade plastics.

Octagon shaped pistons reduce drag while keeping the piston guided in the shock bore!

Dyno tested to match the rebound flow of stock pistons.

Infinite valve adjustability!

Comes with “Fast” “Medium” “Slow” & “Gap” Valves to tune your entire vehicle!

100% Quality made in the USA! 



One Genuine MIP Bypass1™ Shock Kit services 4 shocks and is comprised of 4 Pistons, 4 Stop Washers, Decals, Intructions, and several Color-coded Valves specifically engineered to optimally tune the chosen vehicle kit.


Stock shock kit not included.  One kit services four shocks.  Installation requires disassembly of stock shock to install kit piston, valves, and washers. New shock oil and replacement of seal packs and other parts as needed are suggested for regular maintenance.





Designed for Durango “Fat Shocks”



(See links below for support kit items.)


Safety Data at http://www.miponline.com/store/msds.html 

Hi Res Images at http://www.miponline.com/store/media/myparts/  or click any image herein.  


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5 Stars *****   "If you're into finding the perfect set-up for your track then get this, it will put you on a totally different level than the guys without, this is the future of shocks that you have to try to believe and figure out to appreciate. Well worth its weight in gold."

5 Stars *****   "Best Product.  Great product for this truck, i just finished using this product compared to the brand new pistons from the 2.0 and these are by far more superior." 

rcshortcourse.com Forums   "Just wanting to give my input on these two tuning aids. I've ran my Blitz ESE with 2 Stage Pistons for about a yr, and it took me about 4 days at the track to finally get the oils right. They worked better then the stock pistons but only after I got the oils correct. I picked up a set of Real Shocks Bypass 1 pistons last week and went to rebuild them. I built them in reverse of the diagram since most people are doing it like that to get more pack. Filled with 30wt - F/ 25wt - R and took it to the track. It was almost perfect and felt a lot better than the 2 stage ones. I wanted to add a bit more pack in the rear so I replaced the oils with 32.5F / 30R and it was perfect all around. I like lighter oils so I am going to try and order some more valves/diaphrams from MIP to see if I can drop the oils a bit more.  On the bench, once built I did a side by side comparison to see if I could see a difference (between two-stage and MIP Bypass). On compression I couldn't tell the difference but on rebound I could see the MIP ones were a bit faster.  I've got 2 stage in my Durango DESC410r and am going to pick up MIP Bypass 1's for it and my DEX210."




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