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MIP Bypass1™, Team tuned Kit, AE T5M, SC5M #15050 *Discontinued*

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#15050 MIP Bypass1™, Team Tuned AE T5M, AE SC5M
MSRP: $32.00        
UPC: 691545150505
Can’t get that compression and rebound tuned the way you want? You have the compression set correctly, but now the rebound on jumps and bumps are way off, MIP BYPASS1™ KIT is for YOU. Adjust the rebound and compression separately, similar to the way you would a real vehicle with MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Kit. With the included valves and the valves available for purchase, there is infinite adjustability for compression and rebound. MIP Bypass1™ technology has gained a lot of traction since its release in 2011 and over the last couple years, MIP has brought home a plethora of wins with Bypass1™ on board! Our design team and further knowledge of this concept has come full circle on yet another design for 1/10 scale 2wd vehicles, we call them “TEAM TUNED”. This all new piston features a new design that provides much more initial pack and overall flow than its predecessor. The pack and flow equates to a car that packs like a normal piston but recovers much quicker and flows more efficiently than previously experienced. In order to prove that our new concept was indeed an improvement over the previous we paired up with some of MIP’s best. This is what current 4wd Buggy World Champion /  MIP Factory Driver Steven Hartson and MIP’s Team Manager Matt Olson had to say, “The new Bypass1™ piston made our cars much easier to drive, allowing us to push the cars harder equating to lower more consistent lap times. Thank you MIP.” Treat yourself to an all new set of MIP “TEAM TUNED” Bypass1™ Pistons and feel the difference!
AE T5M Stock Racers
AE SC5M Stock Racers
Adjustable Rebound or Compression flow depending on configuration
Makes vehicle easier to drive
Allows user to push the vehicle harder
Full Scale Valve Technology engineered for RC Race Cars!
Precision machined pistons made from bearing grade plastics.
Dyno tested to match the rebound/compression flow of stock pistons (bypass holes blocked)
Infinite valve adjustability!
USA Grade Materials
100% Made in the USA!
MIP Real Shocks Valve Cup (1), MIP .020x.125.185 Stop Washer (4), MIP .003”x.125x.370 #1 Valve Green (4), MIP .005”x.125x.370 #3 Valve Blue (4), MIP .007”x.125x.370 #4 Valve Matte (4), MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Piston (4), MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Real Shocks Decal Sheet (1)
2.0mm Allen Key - (Suggest #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)
Team Associated RC10T5M Team Kit (#70001), Team Associated RC10SC5M Team Kit (#70006).
#12104 MIP Bypass1™ #1 Valves .003 Green (6) MSRP: $6.00 MAP: $4.50 UPC: 691545121048
#12105 MIP Bypass1™ #2 Valves .004 Tan (6) MSRP: $6.00 MAP: $4.50 UPC: 691545121055
#12106 MIP Bypass1™ #3 Valves .005 Blue (6) MSRP: $6.00 MAP: $4.50 UPC: 691545121062
#12107 MIP Bypass1™ #4 Valves .007 Matte (4) MSRP: $6.00 MAP: $4.50 UPC: 691545121079
#12108 MIP Bypass1™ #5 Valves .010 Brown (4) MSRP: $6.00 MAP: $4.50 UPC: 691545121089
#12109 MIP Bypass1™ #6 Valves .015 Pink (4) MSRP: $6.00 MAP: $4.50 UPC: 691545121093
#13231 MIP Bypass1™, Team Tuned Piston, Associated 1/10th 12mm Big Bore (2) MSRP: $10.00 MAP: $7.50 UPC: 691545132310
Hi Res Images at http://www.miponline.com/store/media/myparts/  or click any image herein.  
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MIP Bypass1™, Team Tuned Piston, Associated 1/10th 12mm Big Bore, All B4,T4, SC10 #13231 *Discontinued*
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