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MIP Losi 5ive-T 1/5th Scale Factory Ride 

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MIP pro5

Tire Tire Tire Tire Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Limit Strap Limit Strap Limit Strap Limit Strap Brakes clutch Diff Diff Diff Diff Servo Lock Wire Mipple Quick Fill Pivot Set Air Filter Engine Carburetor Lipo Battery Voltage Regulator Pivot Set Pivot Set Pivot Set Pullstart Thumbscrews Pullstart Thumbscrews Pullstart Thumbscrews Steel and Boots Set Receiver Steel and Boots Set Gasket




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MIP Hex Driver Wrench 3.0 mm #9011

MIP Speed Tip™ 3.0 mm Hex Driver Wrench Insert #9011S

MIP Hex Driver Wrench Set, Metric (3) #9502 

MIP Speed Tip™ Hex Driver Wrench Insert Set, Metric (3) #9512

MIP Header Lock Kit, #14350

MIP 1/5th Scale, 54mm Racing Clutch, 8-shoe, #14355 

MIP 1/5th Scale, Real Brakes Kit, Losi 5ive-T #14360

MIP 1/5th Scale, 32mm Big Bore Bypass1™ Shock Kit, Losi 5ive-T #14370 

MIP 1/5th Scale, Limit Strap Set #15090

MIP Quick Fill System, 1/5th #15100

MIP 1/5th Scale, Super Diff Kit, #15120

MIP Header Gasket #15160

MIP 1/5th Scale, Tow Strap #15170



ADI Comb Wrench Set #ADI-10020

ADI Losi 5 Insert 1 deg (4) #ADI-10053

ADI Losi 5 ABC Pivid Set Alum. #ADI-10062

ADI Height Gauge 45-55mm Alum. #ADI-10066

ADI Losi 5 Bell Crank Steering Assembly #ADI-10069




AXIS Peglegs Pullstart Pegs, #AXIS-AX3016

AXIS Kage Keepers, #AXIS-AX3018

AXIS Super Wheel Wrench, #AXIS-AX3028





sm179 - N-R-P Billet Aluminum Differential Housing






 Bartolone Racing Billet Clutch Housing

 Bartolone Racing Short Ackerman Arm

 Bartolone Racing Billet Clutch Carrier

 Bartolone Racing Losi Mesh Plate

Bartolone Racing 30.5 Reed Engine

Bartolone Racing Buggy Pipe





3126 -Reflex - Losi 5ive - 5th Scale Tire

3123- Chasers - Losi 5ive -5th Scale Tire



 sm2753 - Team Chase Steel Axles And Boots

sm2738 - Team Chase Losi 5ive Front & Rear Drive Cups

sm2739 - Team Chase Losi 5ive Center Drive Cups

sm2719 - Team Chase - Titanium King Pin Set

sm2720 - Team Chase - Titanium Steering Pin Set

sm2725 - Team Chase - Front Skid Plate

sm2730 - Team Chase No-Flex Chassis

sm2723 - Team Chase - Rear CV Protector

sm2724 - Team Chase - Rear Chassis Skid Plate

av493 - Team Chase Carb. Diaphragm Filter



MOD Losi 5 Front Tower - #MOD-fttower

MOD Losi 5 Rear Tower - #MOD-rrtower

MOD Top Plate - #MOD-topplate 






ht900R - Hitec HS-1000SGT High Voltage Giant Torque Servo Conversion Kit

ht193D - Alloy Horn for Hitec HS-1000SGT

sm453 - Team Hoonage Dual Servo Saver Arm w/ Stock Linkage

(Throttle Modifications Needed) Hitec HS-1000SGT Ultra Torque HD Full Metal Case Giant Scale Servo




Airtronics M12S Super FH4T 2.4GHz Radio System w/RX-472 Receiver, Battery & Charger




Reflect-A-Gold - Heat Reflective Tape








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