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MIP Tweak Station Chassis Set Up Tools


MIP Performance Upgrade Hop-Up RC Car Option Parts

MIP has developed the ultimate tool for setting the chassis tweak on 1/12th scale and smaller 1/10th scale vehicles. The MIP Tweak Station™ is incredibly accurate, easy to use, compact, and affordable. It is precision manufactured of the highest quality alloy materials. Special features include a super sensitive leveling vial for precise suspension tuning. All flat surfaces have been precision ground to ensure accuracy, and it is completely adjustable. These units have our newest design updates that improve assemble time. All systems include our space saving four piece assembly and engraved faces for car positioning. MIP Tweak Station™s are built for years of precision chassis set up.


Compare to Integy Set-Up Board/Tweak Board?

"I can't say I'd recommend it (the Integy Set-Up Board). I bought one, and it just isn't very sensitive. I had an MIP tweak station, and it worked much better. And if any thing overhangs the back of your car, it is hard to see the level, as you can't view it from the front, only the top.

-BCall, RCTech.net Forums


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